At DEFIX Solution, we level up how traders and enterprises engage in enhanced payment schemes by providing innovate approach in sending and receiving payments for products and services. Our team of experts stays on top of the game as we move toward where the world evolves.

We seek to contribute our fair share to the growing crypto economy. We adhere to the principles of providing accessible, efficient, fair, and transparent financial system using an array of cryptos.

The key concept behind DEFIX Solution is to promote a P2P crypto exchange where anyone can easily and securely send and receive any crypto in the most convenient way. DEFIX provides a reliable and user-friendly platform to have access to growing crypto economy.

We help to empower businesses, merchants, banking, and capital markets as they outpace the ever-changing competitive landscape. We assist our clients to manage, grow, and achieve their goals for their business.

Speeding Up the Growth of P2P Marketplace Using the DEFIX Token

  1. Quick and Secure Payments
  2. Transact payments in minutes. Eliminate long waiting time as payments are powered by blockchain.

  3. User-friendly Platform
  4. The platform is very simple and intuitive. Upon registration, you can instantly accept payments or donations.

  5. Increase Your Business Targets
  6. By upgrading your strategy, you can boost your sales. As a crypto DEFIX merchant, be part of the technological breakthrough of receiving and sending instant payments.

Why Many Customers Opt to Use Cryptocurrency?

Merchants who accept cryptocurrency are appealing to a wider client base. Below are several reasons:

Availability and Accessibility

Cryptocurrency’s decentralized nature means that it is accessible to everyone. Unlike banks, they are selective and require so many paperworks before deciding who they want to conduct business with.

Profitable Investment

As cryptocurrency recognized as a ‘new’ type of cash, most markets are booming aggressively in many parts worldwide. This means a small investment can be lucrative, with a potential good return of investment. The most popular investment type is called ‘holding,’ where clients buy their preferred cryptocurrency and hold on to them. Investors hope their portfolio will increase in time.

Buyers’ Security

The currency uses an uncrackable code. When trading huge or regular transactions, this can be very appealing to most customers, as they expect high returns.

Globally, there is an increasing number of verified crypto users, including thousands of institutions and hundreds of ecosystem partners in over 100 countries that are interested in new digital currencies being introduced. They recognize the value of cryptos as something profitable. With their investment, they believe they can easily and securely invest, spend, save, and earn money eventually.

The Growth of P2P Marketplaces The DEFIX Escrow Token

Profitable & Successful Investments
Receive payments in a few seconds. Payments are guaranteed by Blockchain technology
Simple and intuitive. Register and you can immediately accept payments.
Increase your sales, be innovative! With Crypto Merchant you will be part of the technological innovation of payments.

Why do customers want to use cryptocurrency?

Merchants accepting cryptocurrency will appeal to a wider client market, the reasons for this are;


The currency uses code which is uncrackable, which when making either large or regular transactions can be very appealing to customers.


The decentralized nature of cryptocurrency means that it’s assessable to everyone, however banks are selective as to who they do business with.


With cryptocurrency being a ‘new’ type of cash, the markets have been known to boom massively. Meaning a small investment can prove rather lucrative. The most common investment is known as ‘holding’ meaning clients purchase cryptocurrency and hold onto it, hoping it increases in value.