PricingHigher Volume – Smaller Fee

If your monthly asset flow increased up to certain amounts measured in BTC, DEFIX Solutions will be happy to reward you with even smaller fees! If you manage to reach the target volume by the end of the month you will receive a rebate with the fee difference. Check them out:
Transaction fee

0-49 BTC/month

50 BTC/month

100 BTC/month

200 BTC/month




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What fees do we have?Low fees – high transparency!

Transaction fee

If you as a merchant accept payments in the same cryptocurrency that your client wants to pay in (say, you both go for ETH), your transaction fees start from only 1%. We always aspire to keep them as low as possible! The fee is charged from the final payment amount before it is sent out to the merchant.

Exchange fee

If the currency that you accept is different from the currency your clients are paying in, there is a small additional fee of 0,5% to 1.5% is required by DEFIX, our exchange service provider. Our instant exchange feature allows our partners to have an amazingly smooth experience accepting whatever crypto they’ve set their eyes on. Altogether, our fees for the comfort we provide add up only to 1%! The exchange fee is charged after the exchange was completed and before the final payment amount is sent out to the merchant.

Fixed Rate Exchange option

Crypto is volatile – its price might go up or down very fast. If the price changes at the moment of an exchange, you might get more money in the end – or less. To protect yourself from sudden crypto price changes and potential financial losses, you can try out the fixed rate exchange option. It freezes the rate for the entire exchange. If you choose the fixed rate option, the overall transaction fee rounds up to just 2%, regardless of your transaction volume. Contact us if you’d like to try it out!

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